Unconventional Love.

Unconventional Love

Love is a beautiful and amazing thing. Some people find it, others may spend a lifetime looking in the wrong places. Nevertheless, love is love.

Keeping that in mind, who is to say what is considered “unconventional”? In this day and age, everything has happened when it comes to love.

There are the girls who decided that they like a girl, or a guy who likes a guy, which in my opinion, is completely fine. I’d encourage you to do that if it means you are happy. Just because someone has different beliefs than you, doesn’t make them invalid beliefs. Those people deserve happiness just as you do.

Recently, I’ve also found that there are people who decide to abuse others in the field of love. Maybe these people have been around for centuries, but I feel as though it has become a bigger problem latterly. They decide that others’ feelings don’t matter. All they want is either to hurt people, or just want love physically. That’s just wrong. Especially since there are people who fall for this type of people over and over again.

Then they may never know love if it hit them in the face. All because they’ve never experienced it. They only experience hurt.

In conclusion, I feel like there shouldn’t be such a thing as “unconventional love”. Love is love and whether you agree with it or not, it is still happening and I think they deserve that. Everyone deserves love. It doesn’t matter who it comes from, it just has to be true, emotional, love. It’s all the same, just directed toward different people(unless you use “love” just to get in someone’s pants, in which case you can leave).

And I mean, there are people who marry inanimate objects, such as a tree. So at least these people are wanting to marry real beings(but if marrying a tree is what you want to do, I guess go for it).