In anyone’s life, I believe that most of us have been in a situation where we feel as though the need for accomplishment leads us to a downward spiral of self-loathing and if severe enough, can become an elongated state of questioning our self worth. Maybe the stress of perfection is drilling itself into your mind. You may have blown a job interview, or you are like me and mess up everything that you do in some way. Regardless of the cause, most of us have felt this pain at some point. I can say from experience that this is a horrible feeling. But this is all just human nature. We make mistakes, and then we learn from them. Even if it takes a couple of tries, nevertheless we learn. Some of us make more than others, but that’s fine. This is all a part of life. Meaning you are still worth more than you know. You by no means are better than anyone else, but you are still very much worth everything.

Having the ability to tell yourself that you are a valuable piece of the puzzle that is human life is very difficult sometimes. It’s even harder to believe it. But if you keep telling yourself that everyday, eventually you will believe. This, like very many things, takes time. But this time is very much beneficial for you if you’re willing to take it.

One thing we all have to face at some point is the inevitability of failure. We all will fail at something. Some will fail more than others, but that’s okay. This shouldn’t in any way, shape, or form make us think we are less worthy of anything nor should it scare us away.  We still have to persevere and keep our heads up and not worry about others. We always compare ourselves to other people and their success, accomplishments, and just overall being. This is a extremely wrong way of thinking because we are all different. We all have different goals to work toward achieving and just because someone has either achieved more or just seems like they have more, doesn’t mean they are better. They may want to accomplish more to consider themselves happy, but you may not need as much. Having high expectations of yourself doesn’t mean you are better than someone else. Focus on your goals and aspirations, and then decide how much worth you put forth on yourself.

We have the tendency to forget that we are our own person. No one can change us. Only we can. Try to learn that you are the only you there is, so make the most of all the being that you are(a beautiful, amazing, and worthy human being). You have control over your life even though you may disappoint a few people along the way. Eventually, the people who want to be in your life will accept your decisions and help you reach the level of self-worth that you wish to find.


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